Cheap Nike Air Max Zero Shoes For Sale - 2015 Nike Air Max Zero Low Price
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Cheap Nike Air Max Zero Shoes For Sale - 2015 Nike Air Max Zero Low Price

Nike Air Max Zero official debut today, synchronous landed in China for sale. Using hot-melt technology to create light Fuse upper, Phylon midsole with innovative Air Max 1 Ultra outsole, more parcel lining structure, the same window air cushion appearance. The eureka moment 20 years ago, after 20 years of continuous experience, almost perfect debut, has created this Nike Air Max Zero.
Nike launched in 1987 Air Max 1, inspired by designer Tinker Hatfield inspired trip to Paris when, after seeing the Centre Pompidou exposed internal structure design, the school building will be the birth of Tinker Hatfield Inspired apply to air cushion, so there OPENING visibility cushion Air Max 1, launched it in order to advance the design concept of change set off a sneaker. The legendary Air Max 1 is not to show visibility cushion principle Tinker Hatfield original version, was the first design is perfect Air Max Zero, in the end a small part of the design and support more smoothly, Tinker Hatfield whom very satisfied can be avant-garde idea but it was the technology, materials can not be achieved. And wonderful is this gathering dust for 29 years when the draft second Air Max Day to find inspiration in the design team found responsible for planning the designer Graeme McMillan Nike Air Max Zero decided to design implementation, consult the Tinker Hatfield combined with modern technology to give advice and make high-profile, lightweight shoes after processing more light, high-strength support hot melt and excellent permeability monofilament gauze uppers, using the latest research and development in the Air Max 1 Ultra Use the Moire Air Max 1 Ultra outsole technology and drilling Phylon midsole structure, through modern technology to enhance the Air Max Zero will be Tinker Hatfield's dream come true, this return to "The One Before The 1" slogan for publicity, visibility Air Max Zero has extraordinary significance, we believe that in turn write a new chapter in the history of shoes. March 26 Air Max Day See you there! Air Max Zero will be designated NikeLab and other retail shops and online outlets.

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