Cheap Longchamp Factory Outlet Online Shop,Longchamp Handbags & Tote Sale  

Cheap Longchamp Factory Outlet Online Shop,Longchamp Handbags & Tote Sale

What is the hottest topic in the fashion industry? Longchamp "Longchamp" will launch a LE on the PLIAGE ? CUIR lambskin folding package creation. Guess this dialogue will take place in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo or Shanghai? Maybe longchamp bag is on your side.
Girl A: did you hear that? longchamp bags soon to be launched LE PLIAGE ? CUIR lambskin folding longchamp outlet package customized version, you can according to their own preferences to create longchamp uk own that one.
Girl B: are you kidding! longchamp sale can't be! To put the soft unbelievable lambskin special customization, the longchamp singapore leather process demanding.
Girl A: don't forget to longchamp tote but has exquisite French manual and long experience of professional leather brand, not to mention the longchamp backpack was in 2003 for the classic LE PLIAGE ? nylon foldable longchamp bag series provides a similar custom service.
Girl B: I know, but this is a folding bag with Meidisi lambskin. However, if the news be true, will you how to customize your bag?
Girl A: longchamp online according to my sources, you only need to specify the Longchamp "Longchamp" boutique can through simple operation is complete. First of all, longchamp australia choose the size of the handbag, you want to see a small, medium or large or.
Girl B: it can not choose, because I each want to!
Girl A: Hey, don't interrupt me! After a good size you choose, then select the color of the bag. If I'm not mistaken, this season longchamp malaysia should be available in eight colors: black, brown, grey, orange, rose pink, lemon yellow, beige, indigo and Zhu Shahong.
Girl B: then I will choose lemon yellow,longchamp canada color is too beautiful!
Girl A: I may be more biased in favor of indigo blue, but maybe I will choose the bag cover is made of lemon yellow, straps and made other colors.
Girl B: you mean I can choose more than one longchamp handbags color? It is be hardly worthy of belief!
Girl A: This is the biggest highlight of this customization service. In theory, you can respectively longchamp travel bag, the bag cover and a handle, both ends of the zipper fastener and straps choice of four different color, also can choose the color of the lining.
Girl B: Wow, then this longchamp usa package is the one and only! And can realize the participation in the creation of the sense of design,longchamp wallet is exclusively for you the most luxurious experience!
Girl A: of course it! Not only that, you also can ask Longchamp "Longchamp in package" engraved on your name and initials, a punch or imprint two alternative ways. The absolute is a perfect combination of exquisite and trends.
Girl B: I want this custom was unable to hold oneself back longchamp lm metal!
Girl A: I think you may have to wait a long time, Longchamp lambskin folding package customization service will be launched in April 12, 2014, you can go to Beijing Lafayette, Shanghai Grand Gateway 66 Plaza, Nanjing Deji Plaza or Chengdu International Financial Center, four boutique customize your exclusive longchamp tote bag.
Girl B: after you finish the order?
Girl A: exclusive lambskin folding bag you will complete in the order form after eight weeks. Is longchamp london right? Special stick? But don't forget what I told you the news, so I need to first order.
Girl B: longchamp le pilage's not fair!

How to make your kid folding bag the one and only
1 select the package type (small, medium or large)

2 select the package body color (8 colors available)

3 choice longchamp france bag cover / handle, two ends of the zipper of the buckles and straps (three can choose different colors)

4 select the lining color (5 colors available)

5 complete. If you like you can in the longchamp shop online body punch or imprint your name abbreviation

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