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Aujourd JeanLuc Petitrenaud we sailed Ugg Bailey Bow Boots the boat for the boater a gourmet break on the channel Saintmartin . A stroll along commanders Michel and Olivier Arnaud , who, wearing the Bastille until the Bassin de la Villette , we happy beautiful history of this place . Twenty-six minutes to make us its mysterious underground vo , its just the passages we have given rendezvous Albert Corre Dubou Julien and Jean-Pierre Biffi , three chefs who will embark with us and rd cuisine with a Paris.Julien Dubou you know , you meet r over our kitchen we Aujourd it peas Parisian , the way he made ​​it back in butter and a mirepoix of carrots instead of bacon, it adds chorizo ​​. Yes, its origins in the southwest are always ready Ugg Bailey Bow Boots in the kitchen . He waters of chicken and let r Finally, it adds little bleached peas , a little lettuce and simmer . Cappuccino served with a watercress tr the Great , congratulations Its the second dish is a Parisian sandwich , but revisit ! On slices of grilled bread Julien added butter pepper to the ham and some leaves salade.Le Chief Albert Corre , he will concoct a carpaccio with arugula, roasted tomatoes and parmesan truffle vinaigrette assaisonn d and d tartare bar with tomatoes and chives , is not outside of oil and Color Enhance spoon of caviar vinaigrette. Hum ! Here are a gourmet cruise strong sympathique.A our arrival at La Villette , we dock at the foot of the fifth MK2 Quai de Seine to join the producer of this Karmitz . Fabrice Lacrampe , the chef of Le Corso , located in the fifth MK2 ,Ugg Bailey Bow Boots we joined with flat accents is the time for us to get back on the Boater, management of the port during the return journey , the commander Arnaud benefits to tell us some historical anecdotes , he is inexhaustible on that channel that love tant.A we ship the first chief Jean-Pierre Biffi , who runs the kitchens Potel with it, a simple dish into a kitchen f simply prior to this sublime lobster stuffed cabbage , or the original base of the fa c pr risotto.C leader Julien Dubou that ends with a stew of : Paris mushrooms , asparagus to watercress , ham Everything is in Paris walk along the ends , we give you rendezvous in a few days to break in a Ugg Bailey Bow Boots new company JeanLuc Petitrenaud.

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